Choose Cruelty Free Nail Polish and Makeup

Beauty on the inside is what matters. All women know that, and every woman has beauty in her. A little lipstick or a hint of nail color feels feminine, and it gives women a little boost of confidence that makes her feel pretty. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The animal testing done on beauty products isn’t pretty though. It’s awful. The European Union has already banned the sale of beauty products or their ingredients that have been tested on animals, and that leaves many wondering why hasn’t the United States followed suit? While the United States continues to allow animal testing for beauty products, we still get to choose which brands we purchase, and we can make the right choice to choose brands that are only cruelty free.

Animal testing kills animals. It blinds, burns, and poisons them, and eventually many die from the torture and abuse. It is sick. In a society supposedly so advanced, it is hard to understand how it could keep going on. Though great strides have been made, we all need to do our part. That means we need to stop buying product brands of nail polish that support animal testing. There are a long list of cruelty free beauty supply makers to choose from instead. By boycotting these cruelty based products, we can save the lives of many animals and force companies in the United States to stop animal testing once and for all.

Animal friendly products advertise it proudly on their labels. Just read the packaging to find it. Surprisingly, many less expensive products are the ones that are cruelty free. Animal rights groups like PETA list brands of nail polish and beauty products that are ok on their website. Consumers can also check with the individual companies they buy their products from to find out.

There are many ways that companies can test nail polish and makeup without using animals. The technology is there. Quite often non-animal based testing is more accurate with better results than with animals being used. Companies will bend to what consumers demand. If women across the world demand cruelty free makeup and nail polish, then we will get it.